As Bursa Digital Textile, in our factory in Bursa, with our high-tech Digital Printing – Transfer Printing Machine Park and Silk, Cotton, Wool, Modal, Viscose, Linen, Polyester, Silk Cotton, Silk Wool Fabrics, Scarf, Shawl, Foulard, Handkerchief, Bandana, We do Twilly, Quantity, Tie and Bowtie printing.

Patterns for you; If you inform us of which fabric, what size, how many pieces and which edge stitches will be produced, we can give you an offer by working on the price. You can contact us for any information.


To Boutique Designers, Designers, Textile Firms Who Want to Have Their Own Brand Products Produced in Our Factory in Bursa, Fashion Designers, Manufacturers in Many Countries of the World; Scarf Printing with Digital Printing and Transfer Printing, Shawl Printing, Scarf Printing, Handkerchief Printing, Twilly Printing, Bandana Printing, Quantity Fabric Printing, Men’s Shawl – Scarf Printing, Tie Printing, Bowtie Printing, Fabric Table Printing and Glitter Bead Pattern Drawing, Veil We Provide Pattern Drawing Services.


We produce Scarves, Shawls, Foulards, Handkerchiefs, Bandanas, Twillys, Quantity, Neckties and Bowties with Silk Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics, Wool Fabrics, Modal Fabrics, Linen Fabrics, Viscose Fabrics and Polyester Fabrics.

How Can I Order? / Order Stages

Our company is located in Bursa and is a large factory with fabric, printing, ram, fixation, washing, sewing and packaging units. In our machine park, there are Italian Digital Screen Printing Machines and Transfer Printing Machines, which are the only ones in Turkey that can print at high quality. Our paints are using the best quality paints with Chips, Tubes, Certificates and do not contain any carcinogenic materials. Our fabrics are 100% ingredients and do not contain carcinogenic substances. We work with many famous brands, public institutions, famous fashion designers, boutique designers in Turkey and in the world. We have shipping all over the world.

As fabric,
Silk types: 100% Voile Silk, 100% Chiffon Silk, 100% CDC Crepe Silk, 100% Twill Silk, 100% Satin Sura Silk
(5.5 Mome Voile Satin silk, 9 Mome Voile Satin silk, 9 Mome Chiffon Silk, 12 Mome Satin / Twill / CDC Crepe silk, 14 Mome Satin / Twill / CDC Crepe Silk, 16 Mome Satin silk, 19 Mome Satin Silk, 30 Mome Satin Silk)
Polyester types : Chiffon Polyester, 35 Denier Karaman Satin Polyester, Rayon Satin Polyester, Twill Polyester
(Quality Nano Polyester Products – Silk Softness Quality.)
Cotton types : 100% Cotton, 70% Cotton – 30% Silk Blend
(60/1 Thick Cotton, 80/1 Thin Voile Cotton)
Wool types : 100% Wool, Wool – Silk Mixture
(60/1 – 80/1 Fine Wool, 120/2 – 100/1 Thick Wool, 40/1 Turkmen Wool, 40/1 German Gabardine Thick Wool)
Modal types : 100% Modal
(30/1 Thick Modal, 60/1 Modal, 80/1 Thin Cloth Modal)
Viscose types : 30/1 Viscose, 40/1 Viscose, 60/1 Viscose Fabric
In Staple Fiber types : 100% Staple Fiber
In Cheesecloth Types : 100% Polyester Cheesecloth
Linen Types : 100% Linen
Cashmere Types : 10% Cashmere 90% Modal
For Tie : 16 Mome Satin Silk or 14 Mome Twill Silk, Polyester as Satin Polyester or Twill Polyester
For Bow Tie : 16 Mome Satin Silk or 14 Mome Twill Silk, Also as Polyester Satin Polyester or Twill Polyester

We have fabrics. Our fabrics have been patted. We do not print on your own fabric / Contract. We only print patterns on our own fabrics as your own, and we deliver them to you as finished by sewing them.

As thickness;
We have 5.5 mome, 9 mome, 12 mome, 14 mome (this is the scarf thickness in the market), 16 mome fabrics in our silk fabrics. Our other fabrics are also 2-3 different thicknesses on average.

As Edge Stitch;
We have three kinds of edge stitching possibilities as Super Hand Stitch, Hand Stitch and Italian Machine Stitch. Super Hand Stitch and Hand stitch are slightly more costly and hand stitch orders take 5-10 days longer on average.

Print Dimensions – As fabric widths;
In general, our fabric widths are 92 cm. We also have 92 cm, 113 cm, 140 cm, 145 cm and 150 cm fabrics in different fabric types and thicknesses.

As the number of printing;
It also varies according to its dimensions, and we can print a minimum of 30 prints for Silk products, a minimum of 60 prints for Cotton products, and a minimum of 80 prints for Polyester products. These meter numbers will also be valid for meter prints.

As pricing;
Prices vary according to the fabric type, fabric thickness, edge stitch type, design size and the number of pieces to be printed. In order to be able to give a price, you must inform us of these 5 criteria.

As Delivery Time;
Sample product delivery time is 8-14 working days, original order printing delivery time is 12-22 working days. These times are given on average and may vary depending on the density and order quantity. We are one of the fastest companies in Turkey in fabric printing.

As Printing Technology;
Digital Screen printing system is applied in our Silk, Wool, Cotton, Modal, Linen fabrics and the prints are on the reverse side. There is no color or pattern limit.
Our polyester fabrics also have transfer printing.
There is no color and pattern limit in transfer printing, and the printing passes to the back side with a low degree of blur.

As Patterns Given to Print;
With the extensions saved with JPG, JPEG, TIF, PSD extension; in RGB and CMYK formats; You can send your designs to us via e-mail or wetransfer, with at least 200 Resulation – DPI quality and the size of the cm to be printed, whatever the size.

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